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Re: The God, the Devil and the NetBSD.

On Jul 28, 2009, at 5:09 AM, E.J. Novikovas wrote:
Daemon or Demon or Devil - there is no difference. Don't lie for yourself.

oh ok fine ...

This reminds me of a story that Angela Thomas told me a long time ago (this is coming out of 15 year old brain cells)... Angela and Chris Torek were driving through the south on the way to a Usenix... They stopped for gas and walked into the restaurant for a bite to eat and everyone stopped talking and all looked at her.. Finally, one guy says (and I can't spell in Texas-drawl so you'll just have to imagine it) "Ma'am, y'all know you got the lord a darkness on your shirt?"

I guess her and Chris spun on their heels and kept driving...

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