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The God, the Devil and the NetBSD.

        Hello, my name is Eugenijus-Jonas, or Eugene-John in English. I am a
catholic. I live in Lithuania.
        When I heard about changed NetBSD logo I exulted - they go to the right
way, but I disappointed soon, because it was changed by political or ethical
reasons. As a result - beastie still alive in docs page, you support obtaining
of previous devotionalia by providing information where it can be purchased and
so on.
        So, what is wrong? Crux of the matter is that God and Devil is real.
They are not political or ethical term, they are and have real power. Main
difference is that God is love, but Devil is ego or, in other words, He love
himself and do it absolutely. So, whats happens next: when you love God, He
loves you and this love is felt by other peoples around you, peoples want to be
with you, want to deal with you just because you love God and you emit love,
even if you do not think that and do not feel that by yourself; when you love
Devil He loves himself and other peoples around you feel that you love
yourself, because you love Devil, because you deal with Devil, because you emit
self loving. Devil is just as a black hole for love. You can love Him as much
as you can, but you can never expect love from Him.
        Of course, NetBSD is not such the black hole, because everyone of you
are supported by love from your family, your friends, your kids, but how long
they suffer? Just see, where is Linux today and where is all of BSD's? No,
Linux don't base on God, but they don't base on Devil too. Mascot of Linux is
penguin, mascot of BSD is Devil (or Beastie). Really no one can expect
happiness in his/her life, while deal with, or support, or supported by Devil.
Life can not exist without love.
        So, what must be done to change the situation? First of all everyone of
you must go to church and confess your sins, if you are the catholics. If you
are not, then pray for God for forgiveness by yourself, but it is much harder.
Next, for NetBSD:
        1. Must be clearly written in philosophy/constitution of NetBSD, that
NetBSD don't have any relation with old logo now, and www pages must be cleaned
up from any beasties, daemons and so on, and official mirrors must be
controlled. There is the example -, and the question - what are
they represent: Devil, NetBSD or Devil in NetBSD? Logo had changed 5 years ago.
        It is possible to write, that NetBSD believe in God, but it is too hard
to continue such promise.
        2. Name of the NetBSD must be changed. It would be principle - no BSD,
because all of BSD's mascot is beastie. It can be NetOS or NetSomething or what
you (community) want. Logo is good.
        Of course, NetBSD is derived from BSD 4. So, put this all information
to the history page and forget it.
        3. Licence must be changed too. No BSD or BSD like licence. It can be
MIT, or Apache or even (L)GPL licence.
        4. Must be changed naming of servers - no daemons. It must be servers or
services. I don't need support by daemons, I don't need served by daemons. I
can be served by servers or by services provided by other peoples. Good example
is Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris. Sun has new rc.d subsystem where they
start/stop services. They have some daemons of course, but it is good example -
they want to change situation.
        Really it is long work, but it is right way and it has future, at least
for everyone of you personally.

        Why I wrote this post? Some years ago I had installed FreeBSD as my
desktop, then switched to Linux, then became the catholic :) . I have some
nostalgic feels about BSD. FreeBSD disappoint me - they had changed they logo
very cosmeticly - really by political reason only. They want to be with
Devil, but I don't. All these rules are correct for OpenBSD and even for

        And again - if you want to be happy you must be with God, you must emit
the love and a clean design (of NetBSD for example) here is not in the first

P.S. I am 38 years old.

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