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re: race condition in kerberos?

Thomas Klausner writes:
> Hi!
> Yesterday I did two builds from the same source tree - two because the first one failed:
> --- includes-crypto/external ---
> *** Failed target: /usr/obj/amd64.gcc.20240613/usr/include/krb5/ocsp_asn1.h

i'm not sure i can see a case where these header files are
"suddenly missing" here, when one rule is trying to create
while another is trying to install, as the rule should never
have it disappear.  it's created and updated using a rule
that writes directly to it with "> ocsp_asn1.h" so once it
is created, updates should happen to the same actual file
and it would never be missing.  see the rules in

${src:.asn1=.ts}: ${src} ${src:.asn1=.opt} ${TOOL_ASN1_COMPILE}
	@touch $@
[ ... ]


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