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Re: shutdown/reboot taking a long time

Hi Thomas !

I believe PR kern/56309 (~ 3 years ago) already documents this.

I disabled removing swap for the time being.

Best regards


On 2024-06-09 22:46, Thomas Klausner wrote:

Recently I noticed that after a longer uptime, shutdown takes a while.

I think it's in the step where it tears down the swap.

The last time I rebooted, there was no memory pressure (no big
processes running), but the reboot took over 5 hours.

The swap setup is:

swapctl -lh
Device      Size     Used    Avail Capacity  Priority
/dev/dk2    127G     269M     127G     0%    0
/dev/dk7    192G     271M     192G     0%    0
/dev/dk4    128G     270M     128G     0%    0
Total       447G     810M     446G     0%

Has anyone else seen this?

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