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Re: Samba DC provisioning fails with Posix ACL enabled FFS

In article <>,
Matthias Petermann  <> wrote:
>Hello all,
>it turned out that my problem was a result of an inconsistency in the 
>ACL variant (NFSv4 vs. POSIX1e) that existed in NetBSD-current for about 
>2 months. Christos was kind enough to look at it and fix it right 
>away[1]. My big thanks for that!
>With all NetBSD-current builds with sources from 2021-11-27 and newer 
>the provisioning of an AD domain can be expected to works now. I tested 
>this with success with Samba from pkgsrc-2021Q3.
>Many greetings

Thanks for the bug report :-)


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