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Re: Samba DC provisioning fails with Posix ACL enabled FFS

On 25.11.21 14:49, Matthias Petermann wrote:
I am using Samba 4.13.11 from pkgsrc-2021Q3 (compiled with acl-Option). The NetBSD version is: NetBSD net.local 9.99.92 NetBSD 9.99.92 (XEN3_DOMU_CUSTOM) #0: Thu Nov 25 06:26:36 CET 2021 mpeterma@sysbldr92.local:/home/mpeterma/netbsd-current/obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/XEN3_DOMU_CUSTOM amd64

Just to add another data point: I just found out that I have a VM with NetBSD 9.99.88 build from 2021-11-03 with Samba 4.13.10 for which the provisioning works. So it looks like there is only a small time window I have to investigate for possible changes. In case someone expected the same issue and knows what the problem is - I will be thankful for any hint. In case I find the issue by myself, I will send an update as soon as possible.

Kind regards

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