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Re: IDENTIFY failed

On Nov 4, 2021, at 08:00, Rin Okuyama <> wrote:
> Hmm, if affected hardware is somehow limited, we can just introduce something
> like AHCI_QUIRK_EXTRADELAY. Otherwise, we can reconsider, for example, before
> NetBSD 10 is released.
> Jun, Patrick, can you please provide full dmesg for your machines?

Is it a function of the ACHI controller, or the drive attached to it, or a mismatch between how the two handle the ATA protocol?  A quirk table would be a good solution.  I can only hope that it’s as easy as tagging a controller.

For the systems that demonstrate the failure, do other drives work fine?  That may be the easiest way to check.  The two drives in Ebihara-san’s dmesg output are low-cost mechanical drives, and I’m more suspicious of the drives than then controllers. 

John Franklin

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