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Re: Honey, I broke public-key logins

On Sun, 31 Oct 2021 at 22:22, Bob Bernstein <> wrote:
> I never really was one to look before I leap, and a recent
> 'sysbuild' and 'sysupgrade' to 9.99.92 produced the effect noted
> above in Subject:. (The reference is to the film "Honey I shrunk
> the kids.")
> Password logins via ssh are still permitted. I tried creating
> new keys but to no avail. ssh_config and sshd_config look a lot
> more complicated than they did the last time I saw them. I am
> using the default versions of those two files.

I presume you are trying to log onto your newly minted 9.99.92 system
from some other place (or is it the other way round?). What message do
you get when you try to connect? What is this other machine? I
certainly have no problems ssh-ing to all my 9.99.92 systems from a
number of other different systems. I occasionally have problems trying
to connect to/from older  machines - e.g. old Solaris 9 etc.
> A thousand pardons...
> --
> "No matter how big the problem is, you can always run away from it."
>                                Dom Irrera


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