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Building -current


Overnight I had a successful -current build (amd64) and updated a few
machines. All is well.

Later today I started one more build, got only the following diffs:
sysbuild: I: Updating base source tree
sysbuild: I: Running 'cvs
-q update -d -P' in /home/sysbuild/src
P lib/libcurses/clrtobot.c
P lib/libcurses/clrtoeol.c
P lib/libcurses/erase.c
U sys/arch/arm/sociox/files.sociox
P sys/dev/usb/ehcivar.h
P sys/dev/usb/ohcivar.h
P sys/dev/usb/uhcivar.h
P sys/uvm/uvm_page.c
P sys/uvm/pmap/pmap.h
P tests/fs/common/h_fsmacros.h
P tests/sbin/newfs_msdos/
P tests/sbin/resize_ffs/
sysbuild: I: Command finished successfully

so, practically the same source tree, and am building the system
again, no problem.

However, and I have noticed this recently, the build is taking a lot
of time, the whole of llvm gets rebuilt again... What's the point of a
'make' if it can't reuse the stuff which hasn't changed the last few

BTW the command is as follows:

===> command:    ./ -D/home/sysbuild/amd64/destdir
-M/home/sysbuild/amd64/obj -N2 -R/home/sysbuild/release \
-T/home/sysbuild/amd64/tools -U -X/home/sysbuild/xsrc -j1 -mamd64 -u
-x release iso-image


(I use -j1, otherwise the system overheats).



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