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Re: ThinkPad - suspend-to-RAM intel-x86 issues and tests


On 11/21/18 6:57 AM, David H. Gutteridge wrote:
True. What I can also say is that I tested the i386 port with it too
(see kern/53658), and it worked too. I've also tested i386 with an LG
X110 that I used to run NetBSD 5.x and then 7.x on. I could never get
it to suspend. With 8.0, it doesn't resume successfully, because of an
issue with the i915 DRM driver, but with the newer DRM code base that
was pulled into HEAD, I've found 8.99.25 did successfully resume, so
there may be hope.

that is interesting, it means that your T420 works independently of the architecture, it means the derivers perform equally well in 32bit and 64bit, this is good news.

Your LG thus did not work but now works with the newer DRM! Very good. so for you there has been progress and apparently the only issue was the DRM.

For me, there must be something deeper, because once audio and video are disabled, I just test suspend when at the login prompt!


I have access to a Toshiba Satellite Pro that's a roughly similar
vintage to your T43; I'll see how it behaves when I have a chance.

That would be interesting. Try it as-is, possibly with 8.0 and HEAD. If it works fine, then try to disable audio, video and see if it helps.

Of course I want to pinpoint which driver(s) cause me problems, so at least I can open the correct bug (and "bug" some kind soul to fix it). Right now the information is a little more than "it doesn't work for me on several computers".

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