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Re: failed to create llentry

> I use wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd. When dhcpcd fails to configure the
> network I start doing it manually. I don't really pay attention to when
> the errors occur but I'll try to keep a closer track about when they
> start.

I run both too.  But, I have found that things are occasionally not ok,
which I think is about the driver, and it manifests by wpa_supplicant
not configuring a key.  Once the network works dhcpcd has been flawless
for me.

> dhcpcd will mysteriously fail while I am connected with wpa_supplicant,
> so I'd kill it and do:
> pkill -9 dhcpcd
> route -n flush
> route -n flushall
> ifconfig iwm0 local-ip-i-should-have
> route add default gateway

and that works?  I would try '/etc/rc.d/dhcpcd restart' instead.

> Usually when these problems happen one of the following occurs too:
> - wpa_supplicant will complain it can't assign an address every hour or
>   so, and network traffic will stop for a bit

that seems odd; wpa_supplicant is just about configuring WPA2 keys.

> - I'll accidentally restart wpa_supplicant before killling all network
>   traffic and get a kernel panic

That seems like a sign of another bug.  I have often restarted
wpa_supplicant with ifconfig down/up, to work around what I think are
driver or other bugs (urtwn, 10 year old macbookpro), but never seen a

> I guess wpa_supplicant does more than I want to do and run into
> conflicts with manual setup.

I have it configured to just negoiate the WPA2 session key.

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