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Re: Local {amd,sparc}64 builds revert to *.tgz sets?

On Wed, 21 Nov 2018, Martin Husemann wrote:

> Pigz can not create .xz files, so if you force USE_PIGZ_GZIP=yes
> it will override the USE_XZ_SETS and you will get .tgz again.

Then I suppose I misunderstood the effect of USE_PIGZGZIP.  I was under
the impression that it only affected the selection of the tool used to
provide "gzip"-type compression (use 'pigz'/'nbpigz' versus actual 'gzip'
or 'nbgzip').  I would have expected it not to affect the use of other
compression types when requested/specified (i.e., for "xz" use 'xz').

For my own purposes, I could easily turn on USE_XZ_SETS=yes for all
architectures as they only run -current via netboot/NFS-root and only
need to uncompress the {,x}etc.tar.xz sets natively for 'etcupdate' and

By the same token, although I use the "iso-image" target, I don't actually
burn a CD/DVD for anything (except to produce a boot disk for my dreamcast
with pkgsrc "dc-tools", and I haven't done that in a while).  As such,
image size is at present immaterial.

This will likely change when NetBSD-9 comes to pass, though.

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