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Local {amd,sparc}64 builds revert to *.tgz sets?

After preparing for and dealing with the switch from *.tgz to *.tar.xz
sets, my local builds of amd64 and sparc64 have reverted to producing
*.tgz sets.

For amd64, the last build that succeeded for me was on 14 Nov 2018 and
produced *.tar.xz sets.  My build on 20 Nov. produced *.tgz sets.  For
sparc64, the previous build on 16 Nov. produced *.tar.xz sets and on
18 Nov. produced *.tgz sets.

ISTR something about USE_PIGZ_GZIP being at odds with *.tar.xz sets
but can't find where that was.  I have had USE_PIGZ_GZIP=yes for
quite some time.

I see autobuilds are producing *.tar.xz for amd64 and sparc64.

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