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Network questions


We run a NetBSD router for our network. The router has two Layer 3 uplinks (quagga / ospf) to the provider. The router also has two Layer-3 links (quagga / ospf) to the Datacenter.

The provider offers us two lines (active / active). Unfortunately we can not use them in upstream because NetBSD does not offer ECMP. Is the implementation of ECMP planned in the near future?

We also run a firewall with npf. Is there any way to define firewall rules with connection tracking when using asynchronous routing as described?

Some years ago it was not possible to make portchannel with Broadcom network cards. There were problems with the driver setting the MAC address of the physical interfaces. The problem does not seem to be solved with NetBSD-8. Is it still possible to do that?

Thank you for your efforts


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