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Re: Some (small) problems

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

What do you mean by lost .shrc?

I had to migrate a lot of data recently, and hadn't backed up some of
dotfiles, and .shrc and .profile were among them.

Also for your "trimming the distribution" work did you custom build sh
as "SMALL"?

What was done:
1. Unnecessary entries in SUBDIR's in Makefiles across the source tree were removed. For example, I don't need sqlite, httpd, csh/ksh and so on, on the workstation. This applies to all programs that do not have a MK${PROGRAM}=no
option in mk.conf.

2. I ran without sets/release/iso-image etc. arguments, i.e. a plain
`make install` to a DESTDIR.

3. Then, the results in the DESTDIR were tar'ed to my liking, but pretty
similar to the upstream. You can spend some time fixing flists/mtrees/whatever,
so you can run with the arguments, but I'm too lazy to do that.

4. A -CURRENT installation media was used to partition the disk, unpack the
sets, set a password, etc.


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