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Some (small) problems


I recently updated my test amd64 machine to 8.99.25.

A quick summary:
1. As you might remember the "trimming the distribution" thread, I followed my own solution to that: removing unnecessary components from Makefiles' SUBDIR,
when there are no such options in mk.conf -- eg. MKGCC=no.
As a result I needed to manually package sets because of plist checks -- not a big deal, and in my case, it maybe is a preferred way to package them. I had
to use the installer image to unpack them.

2. Clang/LLVM/libc++ are now used instead of GCC/libstdc++, and Clang is linked
to /usr/bin/cc.

3. Everything is linked statically, with some exceptions: notably Clang. At first it failed with Kerberos and PAM (more about PAM later), but then I got rid of them, and programs depending on them could finally be linked statically as well.

Now, the problems themselves:
1. su(1) doesn't work. When I type my password *correctly*, it says "Sorry". When using PAM version, it (and the PAM version of login(1)) says "pam_start failed".

2. Some locale-related problems. NLS is enabled, LANG is set to en_US.UTF-8, but statically linked tmux complains about it (dynamically-linked one works though), and when I type multibyte characters on getty(8) with us.metaesc as the keyboard layout, escape characters are shown instead. ls(1) replaces multibyte characters with "?", as if the C locale is used. noice, the file browser, displays them normally.

3. I lost my .shrc, and now I can't get my PS1 to work. I think I used to use this:
PS1='[$( pwd | sed "s,^$HOME,~," )]; '    # which is [~]; when at home
but now it doesn't work.

There are some problems with pkgsrc as well, which I'll describe in a separate thread.

Any help with solving the issues would be highly appreciated.

I also would like to know if anyone is using static builds as well. I was kinda surprised that pretty much everything in the base can be linked statically.

Thanks in advance for reading this and helping. If any specific details are needed,
let me know.


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