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Re: Some (small) problems

Robert Elz wrote:

3. I lost my .shrc, and now I can't get my PS1 to work. I think I used
to use this:
PS1='[$( pwd | sed "s,^$HOME,~," )]; '    # which is [~]; when at home
but now it doesn't work.

It should, there is nothing in the processing of that which cares about
whether sh is dynamically linked or not.

However, because you have a command substitution in there, you also
	set -o promptcmds
or sh will refuse to execute it (since PS1 can be imported from the

I should've expanded on "doesn't work".

promptcmds is set. If PS1 from above is used, the prompt becomes the following:
[$( pwd | sed "s,^$HOME,~," )];

When entering a command:
[$( pwd | sed "s,^$HOME,~," )]; cat file.txt
[$( pwd | sed "s,^$HOME,~," )];     # no output is displayed
[`contents of file.txt`]; # command output goes inside when I press ^D

I need to press ^D multiple times to exit the shell until all output from
entered commands is gone through the prompt.

Other than some aliases and variables my /etc/profile, /etc/shrc, .profile and
.shrc don't contain anything.

The same configuration* works for mksh though.

* you need to comment out `set -o promptcmds` since mksh doesn't have it


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