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progress(1) and "*.tar.xz" sets

Has any consideration been given to augmenting the 'progress(1)' utility
to handle more compression formats than just "gzip"?

When updating, I have been in the habit of using something like:

  for file in foo.tgz bar.tgz ; do
    progress -ezf $file tar xpf - -C /targetdir

With the upcoming move to "xz" compression for release sets in -current,
it would be nice to let 'progress' handle "xz" decompression so a more-
or-less accurate ETA and progress bar could be displayed.

As it is now, deferring decompression to 'tar xpf - --xz ...' would
not display accurate ETA/progress bar and essentially eliminate the
utility of 'progress'.

Thanks for your consideration.

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