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update build failing

I just updated current and did an update build, as I usually do.  THere
are lots of errors in the drm/915 code.  Is there a missing entry in
src/UPDATING?   Does it build for others?

/home/n0/gdt/NetBSD-current/src/sys/external/bsd/drm2/dist/drm/i915/intel_dsi.c:97:25: error: 'struct mipi_dsi_msg' declared inside parameter list will not be visible outside of this definition or declaration [-Werror]
            const struct mipi_dsi_msg *msg)
/home/n0/gdt/NetBSD-current/src/sys/external/bsd/drm2/dist/drm/i915/intel_dsi.c: In function 'intel_dsi_host_transfer':
/home/n0/gdt/NetBSD-current/src/sys/external/bsd/drm2/dist/drm/i915/intel_dsi.c:103:25: error: storage size of 'packet' isn't known
                                       struct mipi_dsi_packet packet;
/home/n0/gdt/NetBSD-current/src/sys/external/bsd/drm2/dist/drm/i915/intel_dsi.c:108:8: error: implicit declaration of function 'mipi_dsi_create_packet' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
                                                                  ret = mipi_dsi_create_packet(&packet, msg);

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