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Re: Is there any problem with command "halt"?

On 03/31/18 10:42, Martin Husemann wrote:
On Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 10:38:04AM -0300, Mandacarú Cascavel wrote:
The last message printed when halting-rebooting is
cpu0: end traceback...
Oh, so it panics before shutting down - that could be related to my xhci
sofint PR (don't have the number handy right now). Is this 100% reproducable
for you?


Yes. It 100% happens in the same machine and also in different machines (at least those few in which I have tested). Otherwise, given a determinate computer, the command "halt" works fine if NetBSD runs from the inner HD and reboots if the same NetBSD building is running from an usb stick or a ssd connected through an usb door.


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