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failure to build distribution


when I try to build distribution, I get an issue in X:

all ===> external/mit/xorg/tools/bdftopcf
#   compile  bdftopcf/atom.lo
cc -O   -I/usr/src/obj/destdir.amd64/usr/X11R7/include -I/usr/src/obj/destdir.amd64/usr/X11R7/include -I/usr/src/obj/destdir.amd64/usr/X11R7/include/freetype2 -DBDFFORMAT -DPCFFORMAT -DSNFFORMAT -DX_GZIP_FONT_COMPRESSION -DFONT_ENCODINGS_DIRECTORY=\"/usr/X11R7/lib/X11/fonts/encodings/encodings.dir\" -DPACKAGE_STRING="\"NetBSD tool bdftopcf 1.1\"" -c -o atom.lo.o /usr/xsrc/external/mit/libXfont/dist/src/util/atom.c /usr/xsrc/external/mit/libXfont/dist/src/util/atom.c:37:19: fatal error: stubs.h: No such file or directory
 #include "stubs.h"
compilation terminated.

*** Failed target:  atom.lo

I tried to update xsrc again, but no new files, where should stubs.h be ?


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