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Re: Proposal: new libc/libutil functions to map SIGXXXX <-> "XXXX"

  | More comments/suggestions ?

There's been nothing significant since that request, so I will assume
(unless I hear otherwise soon) that this proposal (the man page is
included again below) is OK.

Unless there are objections I will commit the changes to make this happen
later in the week (this coming weekend at the latest.)

Is there anyone else with pending libc changes that could share the
minor version bump?


SIGNALNAME(3)		   Library Functions Manual		 SIGNALNAME(3)

     signalname signalnumber -- convert between signal numbers and names

     Standard C Library (libc, -lc)

     #include <signal.h>

     const char *
     signalname(int sig);

     signalnumber(const char *name);

     The signalname() function takes a signal number sig, and returns the name
     of that signal.  Signal names returned do not contain a leading ``SIG''

     The return value of signalname() is NULL if sig does not represent a
     valid signal number.

     The signalnumber() function converts the signal name name to the number
     corresponding to that signal.  The name is handled in a case-insensitive
     manner.  Any leading ``SIG'' prefix in name is ignored.

     The signalnumber() function returns the signal number, or zero (0) if the
     name given does not represent a valid signal.

     intro(2), psignal(3), strsignal(3)

     The signalname() and signalnumber() functions first appeared in
     NetBSD 8.0.

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