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Re: Keyboard freeze on new laptop


Marc Baudoin <> écrit :
> I've just got a new laptop, Clevo N750BU:
> I've installed a NetBSD-current from the latest snapshot
> (February 12th) because 7.1_RC1 won't boot (it stops midway).
> -current works almost fine except for three things:
> - The keyboard works fine after boot but stops working after some
>   time (from a few minutes to generally less than an hour, in
>   console mode or within an X11 session so it has to come from
>   the kernel, not the X11 server).  If I plug an external USB
>   keyboard, it works fine without freezing anytime even after the
>   internal keyboard is frozen.  And there's no clue in the dmesg
>   output.
> - the touchpad is not detected bu the kernel (this is not a
>   problem for me, I always use a USB mouse)
> - the wireless networking interface iwm0 is not working though
>   correctly detected (again, this is not a problem, I have a USB
>   wireless that works)
> The keyboard freezes are the main problem for me because I just
> can't use the laptop with an external keyboard.  Any idea (dmesg
> attached)?

Well, I think I've determined what causes the keyboard to hang.
It happens reliably as soon as I touch the touchpad.  If I don't
touch it, the keyboard can work fine for hours but it's not easy
to work on a laptop without touching the touchpad.

I checked with another OS (in that case, FreeBSD), the keyboard
works always fine, even after touching the touchpad (which is
properly recognized as a mouse).  So it's really a software

I rebuilt a GENERIC kernel (last sources from nyftp's
NetBSD-daily) changing only this:

< pckbc*                at acpi?                # PC keyboard controller
> pckbc1                at acpi?                # PC keyboard controller

and rebooted.  The touchpad is disabled OK:

< pckbc2 at acpi0 (SYNM, SYN1222-3) (aux port): irq 12
> SYNM (SYN1222) at acpi0 not configured

but my problem is still present.  It must be deeper than what I

So I ask the pckbc gurus.  Any idea? It's too bad to have my new
laptop sitting here without being able to use it...

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