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Re: dhcpcd doesn't remove alias address on interface-down?

On Fri, 31 Jul 2015, Roy Marples wrote:

This is not normal or expected!
I'm very bogged down in my personal life atm, but it would help if you could capture a tcpdump of the bootp messages on the client whilst rebooting the router. dhcpcd output with the debug directive in dhcpcd.conf would be of benefit as well whilst the reboot happens.

I can get the tcpdump info with

	tcpdump -i re0 -s 2000 port bootps or port bootpc

But how can I capture the dhcpcd output? Even with -w it forks to the background as soon as it has an address, so it doesn't log any further info in stdout/stderr

In any case, the situation might be more complicated. I just rebooted, and got one of the earlier addresses ( and dhcpcd reported

	re0: IP address already exists

I don't know why, but all those addresses and aliases seem to have survived the dhcpcd restart.

So I guess I need to find some time when I can conduct some more detailed experiments. :)

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