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Re: How to enter ddb on recent NetBSD/amd64 current

On Mon, 13 Jul 2015, Patrick Welche wrote:

With the older kernel that is not effected with PR kern/48494 and external USB keyboard, <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Esc> does not work.

How to debug this problem?
Any clue?

No and I just saw the same thing on 7.99.20 GENERIC/amd64.
After a boot -2vx, w tells me I'm root on console.
<Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Esc> does not get me into ddb.
I tried changing hw.cnmagic to 0xb, and hitting <Ctrl>-K also does nothing.
boot -2vxd does get me into ddb
Note the -2 which switches off ACPI and suggests that this isn't PR 48494...

Also hoping for clues...

Well, I just confirmed that it still works for me, on my amd64 7.99.19 (sources from June 26th). I switched to the "real" console session via <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<F1> and then press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Esc> and it drops me to the debugger prompt. And I can type 'c' to continue.

Oh, and in my case I am also using USB keyboard. (My only PS2 keyboard got lost during the relocation from US to Philippines.)

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