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How to enter ddb on recent NetBSD/amd64 current


To analyze PR kern/48494, I want to enter to ddb with key sequence.
I have changes ddb.onpanic to 1 with sysctl, but <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Esc>
sequence does not work.

I have checked hw.cnmagic value, and it seems that it is empty.

% sysctl hw.cnmagic
hw.cnmagic =

And I have tried to change hw.cnmagic value, but new sequence
does not work.

# sysctl -w hw.cnmagic=~~
# ~~

How to enter to ddb with key sequence?

I am using MacBook Air mid 2012's internal USB keyboard,
and because of PR kern/48494, I cannot connect another USB keyboard.

Thank you.

PGP fingerprint = 82A2 DC91 76E0 A10A 8ABB  FD1B F404 27FA C7D1 15F3

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