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Re: Wedges enabled on -current

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 02:28:02AM -0400, Christos Zoulas wrote:
> Now that we have branched 7, I am planning to enable full wedge support for
> kernels that used wedges before. What this means is that disks with mbr and
> bsd labels will now create dkN devices for each partition in found. This
> should be generally transparent, because fstab offers backwards compatibility
> support. I.e. in the general case, your machine should boot and work fine
> without requiring any changes. There are some corner cases:
>       - there are not enough dk devices in /dev
>         (you can use MAKEDEV to create more)
>       - scripts that refer directly to "sd" "wd" "raid" etc devices
>         might break.
>       - your userland is from NetBSD-6 and a not recent (as of 6 months
>         ago current).
>       - something that we have not encountered before.
> If things don't work for you, please file a PR with a description of your
> setup and how it fails, so we can fix it.
> If things work fine for you, you should eventually edit your fstab and
> modify your entries to be of the form NAME=<partition-name> instead of
> hard-coded devices (yes, for the traditional partition schemes these
> are the names of the devices...).

I have scripts that mount images via vnd + cgd. So far I have been
using fixed numbers for the vnd and cgd devices I use, making sure I
don't use them for other purposes.

Now this doesn't work any longer, because as soon as vnd is created, a
dk device takes over and the vnd cannot be used any longer (busy).
Same for the cgd. I don't see a way to make these dk* numbers fixed.

What do you propose how to do this from a script after wedges are


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