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Re: Disassembling libraries on earmhf/Raspberry Pi

On 08/14/14 18:50, Stephan wrote:

I think something is wrong with objdump when disassembling libraries
on Raspberry Pi (for example "objdump -d /lib/ I am using a
current earmhf image.

Which image do you mean here? URL?

  It decodes every instruction as

.word <32-bit hex-value>

This also applies to some functions in ELF executables - as far as I
could see only those added by the compiler (e.g. <__start>, <___start>
and friends).

Any idea why that is?

I remember seeing this before, but can't remember the problem/solution. It'll be something to do with the way the image is built. I don't see the problem locally - I use -m evbearmv6hf-el for my RPI builds




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