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postinstall fails "fontconfig" check on systems w/o native Xorg

I just noticed this the other day, since I'd not before dealt with
machines running -current on which the native Xorg sets were not installed
and thus merging changes from "xetc.tgz" are unnecesary.


  postinstall -s etc.tgz -d / check

on a -current system complains that it can't find the source directory
for the "fontconfig" check and says that the check is being skipped.

Later, at the end of the run, it reports the "fontconfig" check as
"failed".  Naturally, the suggested "fix" command fails too since the
source directory for "fontconfig" is found in "xetc.tgz", which doesn't
apply to text-only systems or those using pkgsrc/modular Xorg.

I haven't gone back to see when this changed, but the 'postinstall'
utilities in netbsd-5 and netbsd-6 don't claim failure of the "fontconfig"
check when given only "etc.tgz" as source.  (Looking at output from
a text-only netbsd-6/amd64 system shows the "fontconfig" check passing

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