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Re: HEADS UP: arm ports now building EABI by default

On Wed, 6 Aug 2014, Alan Barrett wrote:
>On Tue, 05 Aug 2014, Greg Troxel wrote:
>>1) This is with passing -m but not -a.   I see in BUILDING that evbarm
>>is basically not allowed as -m without -a, and this is a change from
>>before.  Perhaps a note belongs in updating.
>I think BUILDING is out of date with respect to permitted -m/-a options.
>For the definitive list, search for valid_MACHINE_ARCH in
>Both BUILDING and UPDATING should probably be updated for the recent

UPDATING should get a note about this given users who simply supplied
"-m evbarm" will suddenly be building with a different ABI than
before, and they'll potentially get more than one surprise. (If they
haven't cleaned their objdir and stay with the default, they'll end
up with a mix of OABI and EABI objects.)

>Once is fixed, the default will be MACHINE_ARCH=evbearm-el.
>>3) BUILDING doesn't address the eabi/oabi in the examples.  Maybe
>>that's ok, but I don't see it in
>It would be nice if somebody documented all this.

I had a start at doing this in PR 48741 that I submitted back in
April. It's now out of date as far as evbarm options are concerned,
but also adds other details -- the documentation for these options
in general was way out of date.



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