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Missing files in DESTDIR- NetBSD version increment problem?

Hello all,

I've been attempting to build a generic i386 kernel for the past two nights, updating CVS in between failures. In all cases, I am receiving errors of extra and missing files- specifically, I have 378 extra files in DESTDIR, and am also missing 376 files in DESTDIR. Except for two extra files ./usr/lib/ and ./usr/lib/, the extra files take the form of ./stand/i386/6.99.47/modules. The missing files have the same names, but the directory the reside under- 6.99.49 instead of 6.99.47- is missing. Same thing happened yesterday, except the version was .48 instead of .47

Presumably, this is a kernel version mismatch, but why isn't the directory which holds kernel modules between versions being created by Presumably the version directory structure is there so that modules from different CVS builds after a version increment can coexist (Important note- I AM using the same destdir between builds at the various steps) Is there any particular step I'm missing that I should be doing after version increments to prevent failed builds in this manner? This version mismatch happens regardless of whether I pass "-u" to ./ or not. It appears that this is also the first/second time the version number incremented since I first create my current DESTDIR on July 17th.

Thanks in advance!


William D. Jones
Rowan University | ECE | 2012
Member IEEE
Member Tau Beta Pi
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