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Re: Which X driver to use for genfb?

Paul Goyette wrote:
>For me, debugging the X code is just to much detail.  I was hoping 
>someone might have tried it before...

Robert Swindells responded:

> I guess you will need to wait until riastradh@ finishes his drmkms
> work, if you want to try it out now you will need to add the microcode
> files for your GPU as they are not in the tree yet.

Is this native X or moduar/pkgsrc X?

I now have pkgsrc X, and it won't start (no screens found), with or without 
DRMKMS, regardless of driver.

Neither intel, vesa nor fbdev work at all.

I get 250 * 66 characters with DRMKMS console, compared to 80 * 25 on regular 
console, so DRMKMS makes it easier to read and respond to text email than with 
regular console.

Maybe I need to wait a few months on getting X to work in NetBSD, for 
improvements in both NetBSD system and base or pkgsrc X?


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