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Re: etcupdate destructive tricks

On Fri, 27 Jun 2014, Thomas Mueller wrote:
I've updated NetBSD-current system and notice that etcupdate wants to destroy some useful files.

For instance, it wants to destroy /etc.rc.conf, throwing the user back to square zero (square one?). Also, /etc/master.passwd and /etc/ttys

It's supposed to prompt you about every change, giving you the choice of keeping your old file, overwriting your file with a new file, merging the two versions, etc. If it's not doing that, please file a detailed bug report.

You might also find the -a and -l flag useful. I usually use both of them.

I'm watchful to what's happening, and know to hit d to avoid losing my changes; /etc/master.passwd too.

Oh, so it is prompting you, as it's supposed to do, and you choose "d" to keep your old file, as is quite reasonable in many cases.

It ought to be made more user-friendly, rather than user-vengeful.

It is intended to ask you about every single file, and if you just hit ENTER instead of giving an answer, it is designed to leave the file alone. It is NEVER supposed to overwrite a file without your explicit permision. Once again, if it's not working as designed, them please file a detailed bug report; these vague messages about "wants to destroy" and "vengeful" do not provide any of the detailed information that would be required to fix any such bugs, if they exist.

There's certainly room for improvement. For example, a three-way merge between the older distribution version of the file, the newer distribution version, and your version, would be a lot more useful than the current two-way merge between the newer distribution version and your version.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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