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etcupdate destructive tricks

I've updated NetBSD-current system and notice that etcupdate wants to destroy 
some useful files.

For instance, it wants to destroy /etc.rc.conf, throwing the user back to 
square zero (square one?).

Also, /etc/master.passwd and /etc/ttys

I'm watchful to what's happening, and know to hit d to avoid losing my changes; 
/etc/master.passwd too.

In the case of /etc/ttys, etcupdate wants to turn off all but one virtual 
console, so that
(Ctrl-Alt-Fn) don't work for n=2, 3 or 4:.

I've learned from experience to be watchful, but still wonder why this is such 
a trap for the unwary that would make the user wonder why the other consoles 
are not accessible.

It ought to be made more user-friendly, rather than user-vengeful.

I imagine this would be the same in NetBSD 5.x and 6.x but don't follow those 
branches any more.


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