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Re: xkbcomp errors

Hi, wrote:
This looks like an unknown keysym being used in xkeyboard-config.  That
would be strange if you xproto and libX11 are up to date.  Do you see
this also when you run 'setxkbmap -print | xkbcomp - tmp.xkb' ?
yes, I see it on the stdlog when running your command. Do you need the generated tmp.xkb ?

setxkbmap -print
xkb_keymap {
        xkb_keycodes  { include "xfree86+aliases(qwerty)"       };
        xkb_types     { include "complete"      };
        xkb_compat    { include "complete"      };
        xkb_symbols   { include "pc+it+inet(pc105)"     };
        xkb_geometry  { include "pc(pc105)"     };


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