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Re: updating pkg osabi/x11-links

Riccardo Mottola <> writes:

> Hi,
> Greg Troxel wrote:
>>> >I found x11-links and osabi to be a great nuisance in NetBSD
>>> >5.1_STABLE on my old computer.
>> I find them to be a mild nuisance.  Once can almost always just
>> pkg_delete x11-links as it is a build dependency only, usually.  And
>> fairly few things depend on osabi.
> That's what I did and it worked. Removed x11-links, updated osabi,
> resinstalled x11-links!
> Tedious to remember that it is needed, but quick to do. the stupid
> thing is that one needs to remember to update these two packages
> first, before making blindly "make update" or "make replace" in any
> other package.

Really, when you update pkgsrc, it's only safe to rebuild things in
order (but of course many other things work).  That's why pkg_rr was

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