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Re: updating pkg osabi/x11-links

> Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
> > Prior to updating osabi, I always force the removal of the packages
> > which depend on it, then update osabi, then manually install the
> > dependencies (in my case, x11-links, lsof and libgtop).
> I ended up doing so. Actually, while trying to remove x11-links I found the
> package not being recorded. so I did a pkg_admin rebuild-tree, afterwards I
> could remove osabi and reinstall it.

> Thank you.

> Riccardo

I found x11-links and osabi to be a great nuisance in NetBSD 5.1_STABLE on my 
old computer.

That's a big part of my reason for switching to modular (pkgsrc) Xorg on newer 

At least once with pkg_rolling-replace, I had stops due to packages being 
removed or renamed.

Would pkg_admin rebuild-tree ameliorate this issue, at least partially, by not 
attempting to rebuild dependencies that no longer exist?  


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