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Re: Problem with kvm utilities on acorn32

Matt Thomas wrote:

On Apr 25, 2014, at 3:45 PM, Mike Pumford
<> wrote:
Thanks for that but my kernel has quite a few tweaks as I'm trying
to a little bit of modernization on the acorn32 specific code. In
particular I'm tweaking the interrupt accounting to use event
counters rather than the legacy method. My code was working with
systat vmstat but I thought I ought to make sure the other kvm
utilities that use those counters worked. :)

Why not use arm/pic?

That's new since I was last poking around in the kernel. :)

I'll give it a try as I suspect the compiler will do a far better job of optimizing the ISR dispatch than the ancient hand-coded assembler that acorn32 is currently using. I especially don't like the fact that every interrupt has to check to see the which IOMD type is in use to build a mask of pending interrupts and to mask them. Using pic would avoid that as I could just code up 2 routines one for each type and make the decision once at start of day.


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