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Re: Problem with kvm utilities on acorn32

On 23 April 2014 19:14, Mike Pumford 
<> wrote:
> Not sure how arch specific this is but I'm seeing a problem with various KVM
> utilities on a 6.99.40 system on acorn32.
> e.g
> $ vmstat -i
> vmstat: undefined symbols: _pool_head
> Having searched the source code this symbol is a static variable in
> subr_pool.c and looking at the .o file for that I see:
> $ nm -n subr_pool.o | grep pool_head
> 00000024 d pool_head
> 000006d8 b pool_head_lock
> However neither of these symbols appear in the output of 'nm -n netbsd'
> Do we need to do some compiler magic to stop these symbols being optimized
> out of the kernel or do the kvm utils need to be modified to accept the fact
> that not all platforms will have the symbol?

Presumably it should be enough to make pool_head non static - eg:
change the def in subr_pool.c to

/* List of all pools. Non static as needed by vmstat */
TAILQ_HEAD(, pool) pool_head = TAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER(pool_head);

Prebuilt kernel in case its easier to test... (my acorn32 box is at
the bottom of a very large pile of house contents)

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