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EFI boot loader?

I recently purchased a new laptop and the vendor provided windows
installation/recovery insists on installing a EFI/GPT set up, it simply
refuses to install on MBR at all even though a stock OEM Win 8 will.
After some adventures and holing a few perfectly good shoes I have been
able to get Win 8 and NetBSD to coexist but at the moment I need to use
a CD to get the boot loader and then manually set my dev to the NetBSD
partition and then boot from the hard disk - clunky but it works.
I am looking to install linux (which I was going to do anyway) and then
use grub to boot NetBSD, slightly less clunky and should work.

I have been looking at a more elegant way of managing the boot process
and found rEFInd which is a replacement for the windows boot manager, I
should be able to invoke grub from this and get multiboot happening but
I am looking for a more direct way, rEFInd ideally wants an EFI
bootloader it can load and execute... hence the reason for this email,
is anyone working on an EFI bootloader for NetBSD?  I would love to get
rid of the grub hoops if I can.

Brett Lymn

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