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Re: README - xorg xsrc updates happening.

> > just FYI, in case you didn't see already - i'm updating many of the
> > xsrc components at the moment, so the tree may see breakage.  please
> > send-pr and/or send email to me/this list if you see breakage that
> > a clean objdir doesn't fix.
> i'm pretty much done for now.  there may be some more changes
> coming and maybe build fixes if i see them, but besides the
> components that aren't easy to update (Mesa, xorg-server, and
> xf86-video-{ati,intel}) everything else is updated.
> .mrg.

This is all for native xorg?  Will it work also for modular (pkgsrc) xorg?

I have been using only pkgsrc xorg on NetBSD installations.

What is xorg server version for native xorg now?

I remember xorg server version for pkgsrc xorg is 1.12.4, unless it was updated 
very recently.

I have modern Intel on-CPU graphics, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge on two 


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