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Re: iscsi crash writes:

> writes:

>> What is "frozen"?

>I mean the kernel crashes. The server is hanging up but the kernel 
>doesn't reboot or enter the kernel debugger.

When the kernel crashes it prints a message and/or enters the debugger.

Lets assume with "crashes" you mean that a command entered into the
shell on the console does not return.

- Can you still type and get characters echoed?
- Does the machine react to pings from the network?

>> What NetBSD system is this? On i386/amd64 the iscsi initiator is a 
>module that is loaded automatically when you start iscsid.

>NetBSD 6.1_STABLE (amd64).

So this is a custom non-modular kernel? Any chance to use a modular
GENERIC kernel?

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