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Re: netbsd-6, -current vs. Xorg on i810e

On Thu, 10 Oct 2013, John D. Baker wrote:

There is something about netbsd-6 (6.1_STABLE/i386) and -current
(6.99.24/i386) that prevents Xorg (native or modular/pkgsrc-2013Q3) from
working on some machines with Intel i810e display adapters.
So far, I've observed the problem on a pair of DELL OptiPlex GX-110s.
I have another non-DELL machine that also uses the i810e which works
properly with NetBSD-6 (and -current), last I tried.  Will set that one
up again soon and confirm.

The machine on which native Xorg (from netbsd-6, NetBSD/i386-6.1_STABLE)
works is an HP Pavilion something-or-other (from its "dmesg.boot":
HP Pavilion 04 P6322A-ABA 510c (20000RE101LOMITA)).

It exhibits the problem described in xsrc/48315, but the workaround gets
it working (the proposed fix works and will be posted to the PR soon).
Otherwise, X's defaults are quite sane and only minimal config tweaks
are needed for things like 24-bit color (default is 16 at 1600x1200)
and maximum 24-bit display mode of 1400x1050@65.9Hz (default is

For this, my "xorg.conf" only contains a Monitor section (for custom ModeLine), a Device section (to implement the workaround, BusID can be
commented out/removed), and a Screen section to specify the preferred
Defaultdepth with only the corresponding Display subsection with the
list of preferred Modes.

With the fix in place, the Device section can be eliminated entirely.

Only tested with NetBSD/i386-6.1_STABLE.  As the machine is part of my
infrastructure, testing -current or netbsd-5 will take arranging down

Another machine which I thought used the intel driver, turns out to
actually use the unichrome driver, but it has its own problems, coming
soon to a PR near you.

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