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netbsd-6, -current vs. Xorg on i810e

There is something about netbsd-6 (6.1_STABLE/i386) and -current
(6.99.24/i386) that prevents Xorg (native or modular/pkgsrc-2013Q3) from
working on some machines with Intel i810e display adapters.

'X -configure' to generate a baseline configuration file is a
necessary step.

With native Xorg (but not modular/pkgsrc), the server crashes with an
undefined symbol unless "Option NoDRI" is specified in the "Device"
section of the configuration file.

If one is using a CRT monitor, one MUST tweak the "Monitor" section with
appropriate HorizSync and VertRefresh entries and add custom ModeLine
entries, then specify a "Modes" list in the apropriate Screen section.
Otherwise, the server runs, displays garbage on the screen (but mouse
pointer glyph looks fine) then after a few seconds the server exits,
leaving the screen in graphics mode.  While one can switch to a nominal
text console, the screen stays in graphics mode and one can only type
blind.  The machine must be rebooted to restore text display.

With the above modifications, or if using an LCD panel, the server runs
without crashing, but does not produce a usable display.  On a CRT display,
the scan lines wrap like the sync rate is too low (estimate half frequency).
On an LCD panel, it produces an alternating pattern of grey/rainbow
vertical stripes or a plain white or black display.  The mouse cursor
glyph appears normal in all cases.

So far, I've observed the problem on a pair of DELL OptiPlex GX-110s.
I have another non-DELL machine that also uses the i810e which works
properly with NetBSD-6 (and -current), last I tried.  Will set that one
up again soon and confirm.

Both native and modular Xorg (pkgsrc-2013Q3) work fine with these machines
under netbsd-5 (5.2_STABLE).

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