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Re: NetBSD-current under Hyper-V (Déjà vu...)

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 03:51:19PM +0100, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
> Hi,
> Five years to the day, I post the same. I'd agree that it is not
> particularly important, google returns mostly rehashes of my post (
> )when I search for 'NetBSD Hyper-V', so I guess I am one of the very
> few trying to do that.
> Basically, one has to boot netbsd -12 (both i386 and amd64) in order
> to get usable system, otherwise one gets the the timeout messages
> described in the above reference and no communication. In addition
> there is something wrong with some keyboard timeouts, I guess - long
> repeats are initiated very easily in this case, one has to be very
> careful not to overstay the keypress more than a fraction of a second.
> With ACPI and SMP disabled the tulip driver (legacy network adapter in
> Microsoft's parlance) weems to work OK (only 'tlp: receive ruing
> overrun' messages are seen from time to time, but the communication is
> OK). Solaris/Illumos with the dnet driver works fine, FreeBSD is a
> mixed bag (works on the full Hyper-V 3.0, refuses on the Windows 8
> variety), OpenBSD is not working as well (but I haven't tried similar
> to NetBSDs workarounds yet).
> There is an ongoing project to port the synthetic driver and the rest
> to FreeBSD - see ; this is
> presently for FreeBSD 8.2, I don't know if it will be very hard to
> port it to NetBSD (and that certainly is beyond my abilities, I could
> help with testing of course).
> I tried to go through the tulip code, but couldn't find anything
> obvious (and as it is connected with the watchdog and the ACPI code,
> suspected that the problem is deeper than the driver code itself ).

I've been working on the ACPI code a bit recently, so maybe I can help
with that aspect.   could you send the boot output from a kernel with

is there some way I could get a hyper-V setup without having to spend money?


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