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Re: ATF Test failure

Paul Goyette wrote:
> After a rather lengthy period of build breakage, the amd64 port is now 
> building successfully.  However, some tests are apparently taking a much 
> longer time to execute, causing the overall execution time for the tests 
> to exceed the allotted 3 hours.  Prior to the breakage, a normal test 
> pass would require approximately 2.4 hours, while we now exceed 3.0 
> hours to exdecute just the first 365 tests case (out of 567 total 
> cases).

And on i386 and sparc, the test run only makes it as far as the t_swsensor
test (#26 out of 566).  Looks like it always hangs during the alarm_sensor
test case.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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