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ATF Test failure

After a rather lengthy period of build breakage, the amd64 port is now building successfully. However, some tests are apparently taking a much longer time to execute, causing the overall execution time for the tests to exceed the allotted 3 hours. Prior to the breakage, a normal test pass would require approximately 2.4 hours, while we now exceed 3.0 hours to exdecute just the first 365 tests case (out of 567 total cases).

I have not compared every test involved to identify which ones are taking so long to complete. However, one specific test has been identified. The test case grow_16M_v0_8192 from test program sbin/resize_ffs/t_grow used to run in approximately 40 seconds, but now fails to complete in more than 10 minutes - 15 times as long as before.

There were quite a few commits during the build breakage (beginning at 2013-05-02 03:50:08, and ending at 2013-05-04 01:20:00), but most of the liekly suspects are rump-related. Commits for disklabel, vndcompress, installboot, and various arm-specific commits are unlikely to be the culprits here.

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