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Re: Adding an interrupt locator to the GPIO, I2C and SPI buses

Am 19.04.13 22:02, schrieb Pierre Pronchery:
> On 19/04/2013 16:18, Marc Balmer wrote:
>>>>> Does it involve compiling the drivers as modules?
>>>> All gpio(4) drivers can be build as modules, of course.
>>> Let me rephrase this: is it necessary to compile the GPIO drivers as 
>>> modules to be able to attach them at runtime using either gpioctl(8) or 
>>> gpio.conf(5)?
>> No, with gpio drivers I meant drivers that attach at gpio pins, like
>> gpioow(4) and friends.  The driver -providing- the access to the GPIO
>> hardware is configured like any other driver.
> That's what I meant too. How does the kernel find the gpioow(4) driver
> when it gets the request to attach it via gpioctl?

That uses the kernel modules framework.

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