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Re: dhc* in NetBSD 7.0

                        Hi everyone,

On 21/03/2013 00:41, Brian Buhrow wrote:
> On Mar 20,  7:28pm, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
> } Subject: Re: dhc* in NetBSD 7.0
> } On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 11:38:29AM -0700, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
> } > 
> } > 3) Update ISC DHCP as per item 2, but don't build/install dhclient
> } > by default.  Why do we need two DHCP clients in base?
> } 
> } To me this seems like the only reasonable option.  Even if most of
> } your server installs don't actually use dhcpd, many NetBSD users do,
> } and punting to pkgsrc is simply not an option because pkgsrc cannot
> } be cross-compiled.  The base system should include a reasonable set
> } of server code for most common NetBSD use cases where that is possible
> } without introducing immense bloat.  Yanking server programs that have
> } more than a very small number of users is not really well aligned with
> } that goal.
>       Hello.  I'd echo Thor's comments.  Having a dhcp server in the base
> distribution is  highly desirable for me.  Enough has been leaving base as
> it is, losing yet another service that I use regularly on NetBSD servers
> would be unfortunate.  I already get questioned as to why I prefer NetBSD
> on a periodic basis.  I'd rather not have to jump through yet more hoops to
> keep services running.

I definitely agree here.

One use case I have in particular is my home router, running out of a
Compact Flash card on a Soekris box: I have a script that builds the
sets (eg cross-compiles i386), extracts the relevant ones, configures
everything and issues an image ready to flash. It's a one-shot upgrade,
just works out of the box. It runs my local DHCP and DNS services and I
expect it to do just that.

Besides, now that I am used to dhcpcd I definitely prefer it over
dhclient. I also think we should have only one client in base, and I
would rather have dhcpcd.

ISC dhcpd is *very* annoying when it logs an entire page in the system
logs just because one thing went wrong (no leases file or whatever, I
don't remember exactly).

Anyway, HTH.

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