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Re: releng usb boot images and a pre-existing raid root fs

On 02/22/13 16:39, Brian Buhrow wrote:
>       Hello.  If the USB keyboard works well enough for you to drop into the
> boot menu, then select option 5, or which ever  one you use to get to the
> boot prompt.  Then, type:
> boot -a
> and manually select the disk containing your install image when prompted to
> get the installer to run.
>       If the keyboard doesn't work that well, then, with the old system
> runing, you can type, at the root prompt:
> raidctl -A yes raid0
> or which ever raid set you have running as your root partition.
> This will cause the raid to be autoconfigured at boot, but will not cause
> it to be mounted as the root partition.  Be careful with this because if
> your keyboard doesn't work at the boot prompt, and you don't have an
> alternate root partition available on next boot, you'll be prompted to
> provide one and might get stuck.  However, if you then boot from your USB
> stick, it should come up and use the USB image as the root device, but also
> have the raid set available for you tu install to.
> Hope that helps.
> -Brian

I did have a problem with the USB keyboard not responding to typing (num
seemed to cause the light to toggle on/off) I'll have a try with your
about clobbering the raid autoconfig. I will want to reconfigure the
raid on the
 system at some point anyway as I seem to have performance problems so
if I have
to start again its no real problem...


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